HackersEra App is platform for author who want to sell there courses online and also want to secure there content from piracy

User can buy courses from this app and watch all videos of that course easily

Discussion groups for each course is created automatically where users can discuss there problems with authors and other members.

Feature-wise Work Breakdown:

  1. User Profile Setup:(Account)
    a. Registration of user using mobile number, username, and password.
    b. Option to connect Google account for login
    c. The user will enter the referral code provided by the admin. Then, the successful registration of the user will happen.
    d. For login, the user will use a username and password.
    e. Also, users will have the option to log in using a Google account
  2. Course Purchase and Access:
    a. Users can browse and purchase available courses on the platform.
    b. Users will have access to all videos and materials of the course they have purchased.
    c. Users will have the option to download course materials for offline access.
    d. Users will have the option to resume their course from where they left off.
  3. Course Discussion Groups:
    a. Automated discussion groups for each course will be created.
    b. Users can participate in these discussion groups to ask questions and discuss course-related topics with other users and the course author.
    c. Users can also see other members’ queries and answers in the discussion group.
  4. Content Security:
    a. Platform will have a robust content security system to prevent piracy of course materials.
    b. Only authorized users who have purchased a course will have access to the course materials.
    c. Users will not be able to download or share course materials with others.
  5. Admin Panel:
    a. Admins will have access to the backend panel to manage the platform.
    b. Admins can add new courses, manage user accounts, and monitor the platform’s performance.
    c. Admins can also generate referral codes for users to use during registration.
  6. User Dashboard:
    a. Users will have a dashboard where they can see all their purchased courses, access the course materials and discussion groups, and see their transaction history.
    b. Users can also manage their account details and settings from the dashboard.
  7. Payment Gateway:
    a. Platform will have a payment gateway integrated for users to make payments.
    b. Users can make payments using various methods such as credit card, debit card, or net banking.
    c. Users will receive a receipt for the transaction after successful payment.

Details Information

  • Client NameNon Discloed
  • CategoryApp development
  • Duration1 Month
  • LocationNew York, USA.
  • Time & Date25 July 2019