“In A Nutshell” is an application that has an integrated set of interactive online services that provide instructors, students, and others involved entities in education with information, tools, and resources to support and enhance educational/ content delivery and management. In A Nutshell allows instructors to focus on their students and content, rather than wasting time in managing servers and API’s

In A Nutshell, is a change from the traditional education or training system to a more ICT-based personalized and flexible education systems.


  1. User Profile Setup: (Account)
  • Registration of user using email and password
  • Option to connect with social media accounts for login
  • Profile customization options, including profile picture and bio
  • Option to update personal information, such as name and contact details
  • Secure account management options, such as password reset and account deletion
  1. Course Management: (Content)
  • Ability for instructors to create and manage courses
  • Option to add multimedia content, such as videos, documents, and images
  • Option to create assignments and quizzes for students
  • Option to track student progress and participation in courses
  • Option for students to access course materials and submit assignments
  1. Communication and Collaboration: (Interaction)
  • Built-in messaging system for communication between instructors and students
  • Option for students to participate in discussion forums and groups
  • Option for real-time collaboration and video conferencing
  1. Analytics and Reporting: (Insights)
  • Detailed analytics on student engagement and performance
  • Option for instructors to generate reports on student progress and course usage
  1. Security and Privacy: (Protection)
  • Data encryption for secure storage and transfer of user information
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR
  • Regular security updates and vulnerability assessments to protect against potential threats
  1. Integration with Other Platforms: (Connectivity)
  • Option to integrate with other education platforms and tools, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and web conferencing platforms.
  • Option to connect to external resources and tools, such as Google Drive and Office 365
  1. Mobile Support: (Accessibility)
  • Support for iOS and Android mobile devices, so users can access the app on the go.
  1. Customizable Interface: (Usability) -Option to customize the interface of the app according to the specific needs of the institution or organization.


Details Information

  • Client NameNon Disclosed
  • CategoryApp Development
  • Duration3 Months
  • LocationPune , Maharashtra
  • Time & Date21 February , 2022