LetsTalk is social networking app for enterprises and corporate businesses.

This app uses 100% end to end encryption to maintain privacy of users.

Users can do all there corporate meeting by using its video and audio

conferencing feature

Feature-wise work breakdown:

  1. User Profile Setup: (Account)
    a. Registration of user using email and password.
    b. Option to connect enterprise account for login.
    c. Users can update their profile information such as name, job title, and profile picture.
    d. Users will have the option to log in using their enterprise account.
  2. End-to-End Encryption: (Security)
    a. 100% end-to-end encryption is used to maintain the privacy of users.
    b. Encryption keys are generated and managed on the user’s device.
    c. All communication and data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  3. Video and Audio Conferencing: (Communication)
    a. Users can initiate and join video and audio conferences.
    b. Conferences can be scheduled in advance or started on demand.
    c. Users can share their screens during conferences.
    d. Conference controls such as mute, unmute, and end call are available to users.
  4. Corporate Directory: (Communication)
    a. A corporate directory of all users is available to users.
    b. Users can search for and view the profiles of other users.
    c. Users can initiate direct chats or start a video or audio conference with other users from the directory.
  5. Admin Control Panel: (Management)
    a. Admins can manage the app and its users from the admin control panel.
    b. Admins can add or remove users, manage user roles and permissions, and view app usage statistics.
    c. Admins can also send push notifications to all users or specific groups of users.

Details Information

  • Client NameNon Disclosed
  • CategoryApp development
  • Duration1 Month
  • LocationPune, Maharashtra
  • Time & Date14 August, 2019