Problem Statement: Budget Tracker

You are required to develop a budget tracking mobile application for Android. The budget tracker should allow users to track their expenses and income, set budgets, and view their spending history.

The following features are required:

  1. User Authentication: Users should be able to sign up, login, and logout.
  2. Expense and Income Tracking: Users should be able to add and view their expenses and income.
  3. Budget Setting: Users should be able to set monthly budgets and view their progress towards their budget goals.
  4. Spending History: Users should be able to view their spending history, including expenses and income by category.
  5. Report Generation: Users should be able to generate reports of their spending history and budget progress.
  6. Reminders: Users should be able to set reminders for recurring expenses and income.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Flutter and Dart.
  2. Use of APIs to retrieve store and item information.
  3. Use of Flutter’s built-in storage solutions,

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