Problem Statement: E-commerce Website

You are required to develop an e-commerce website using WordPress. The e-commerce website should allow customers to browse and purchase products, as well as manage their orders and account information.

The following features are required:

  1. Product Browser: Customers should be able to browse and search for products by category, brand, and other criteria.
  2. Product Details: Customers should be able to view the details of a product, including its description, images, and reviews.
  3. Shopping Cart: Customers should be able to add products to their shopping cart and view the contents of their cart.
  4. Checkout: Customers should be able to complete their purchase using a secure checkout process.
  5. Order Management: Customers should be able to view and track their orders, as well as leave reviews for products they have purchased.
  6. User Account: Customers should be able to create and manage their account information, including their shipping and billing addresses.

Technical Requirements:

  1. WordPress.
  2. Use of WooCommerce plugin.
  3. Use of a payment gateway plugin, such as Stripe.
  4. Customization of a premium theme to match the design specifications.

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