Problem Statement: Real Estate Listings

You are required to develop a real estate listings web application using React. The real estate listings should allow users to view and search for properties for sale or rent.

The following features are required:

  1. User Authentication: Users should be able to sign up, log in, and log out.
  2. Property Listings: A list of properties with their details (address, price, type, images, etc.).
  3. Property Search: Users should be able to search for properties based on different criteria (location, price, type, etc.).
  4. Property Details: Users should be able to view the details of a property, including its description, images, and location.
  5. Contact Agent: Users should be able to contact the agent responsible for the property by sending an email.
  6. User Dashboard: Users should be able to view a list of their saved properties and view their contact history.

Technical Requirements:

  1. React 16.13 or higher
  2. Use of Redux for state management
  3. Use of Axios for API calls [Use any publically available APIs or Firebase]
  4. Proper use of React components, hooks, and routing
  5. Proper use of async/await for handling asynchronous actions
  6. Proper use of React Bootstrap or any other UI library
  7. Proper use of form validation and error handling


  1. The source code of the project is properly documented.
  2. A brief report explaining the solution’s architecture and the design decisions are taken.
  3. Deployment instructions for the application.

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