Problem Statement: Virtual Reality Museum

You are required to develop a virtual reality museum application using Unity. The virtual reality museum should allow users to explore and interact with exhibits in a virtual environment.

The following features are required:

  1. Virtual Environment: A virtual museum environment that users can navigate and explore.
  2. Interactive Exhibits: Users should be able to interact with museum exhibits, such as viewing and manipulating objects in 3D.
  3. Display Information: Users should be able to access information about exhibits, including text, images, and audio.
  4. User Movement: Users should be able to move through the virtual environment using VR controllers or keyboard and mouse inputs.
  5. Lighting and Sound: The virtual environment should include dynamic lighting and sound effects that enhance the user experience.
  6. User Preferences: Users should be able to adjust the virtual environment settings to their preference, such as brightness, sound volume, and language.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Unity 2019.

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