Problem Statement: Virtual Tour Guide

You are required to develop a virtual tour guide application using Unity. The virtual tour guide should allow users to explore and learn about different locations in a virtual environment.

The following features are required:

  1. Virtual Environments: A virtual representation of different locations, such as historical landmarks and tourist attractions.
  2. Interactive Elements: Users should be able to interact with virtual elements, such as buildings, monuments, and other objects.
  3. Display Information: Users should be able to access information about each location, including text, images, and audio.
  4. User Movement: Users should be able to move through the virtual environment using VR controllers or keyboard and mouse inputs.
  5. Lighting and Sound: The virtual environment should include dynamic lighting and sound effects that enhance the user experience.
  6. User Navigation: Users should be able to easily navigate between different locations.

Technical Requirements:

  1. Unity 2019.
  2. Use of Unity’s Navigation and Pathfinding systems.
  3. Proper use of Unity’s UI system.
  4. Proper use of animations and particle systems to enhance the user experience.
  5. Integration with a virtual tour guide audio system.

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