Cyber Security

CyberSecurity Services

Geniobits Managed Security Solutions is a 12 months engagement program that is designed to execute security assessments and other activities to incrementally improve the overall security maturity index of your organization. As a result, the number of findings that are uncovered during the assessment will decrease every quarter.

We are proficient in making a tailor-made strategic security roadmap to meet the short-term and long-term security needs of your organization. GeniobitsApp managed security solutions aim to incrementally improve the security posture of your applications and infrastructure by applying science differently. We use both offensive and defensive approaches as per the needs of your organization to build your security.

Gain in-depth insight into your application security

We help you in identifying security gaps in your applications by following a hybrid approach. This application security testing approach combines both automated and manual efforts with custom test cases that are uniquely aligned to your business and industry. We yield the best results to address the worst threats of today and prepare you for tomorrow.

Web Application Penetration Test

For penetration testing, we have adopted a hybrid approach combined with OWASP methodology. This helps us build custom test cases around the business logic of an application, which varies from application to application. We ensure thorough end-to-end web application security.

Mobile Application Penetration Test

We have adopted a hybrid approach for application penetration testing, wherein we follow the OWASP methodology and build custom test cases around the business logic that varies from client to client. This penetration testing approach helps us ensure thorough end-to-end security.

Web Services & API Assessment

We have adopted a hybrid approach for API penetration testing wherein we follow the OWASP methodology and have included our custom test cases as well. This ensures an all-round approach to API testing.

Secure Code review with many features

Our secure code review services or methodology adheres to recognized and well-respected industry frameworks, including Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), NIST, etc.